My Journey to Coaching

When I entered the coach training room, I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I had a mixed relationship with the idea of being a coach. Yet, here I was. I had signed up for a full ten months of coach training. I signed up to work on my leadership and listening skills. As the first day unfolded I found myself resistant to participate too much, thinking, “I’m just here to learn. Don’t mind me.”

The thing is, nobody can hide anything. I can’t. You can’t. We think we can. We think we can ignore the little voices in our heads or fool people into thinking we’re fine, or not fine, interested, or not interested. But the beautiful thing about coaching is that it looks at who you are being, not what you are doing.

I knew this.

About six and a half years ago I met a woman named Liz Stone. She was a life coach, and hired me to create marketing material for her. In order to learn about her coaching practice so that I could better market her, I attended a workshop. It was there, in a simple two-hour workshop, where I discovered that I am a powerful person. It was a simple but foundational shift that gave me the confidence to stop playing small and move forward with a business I wanted to start.

Liz and I stayed connected and I wound up bending her ear about some ideas I had for my business. I had just returned from a trade show and needed to find an investor. I was excited and nervous. I had all sorts of weird self-sabotaging habits with money and I wanted her help thinking through everything. I was very honest about my fears and my plans. I was speaking to her as Liz The Life Coach, and had no idea that she was asking questions as an interested investor. I about fell out of my chair when she told me she wanted to invest in my company. Her father had recently passed away and she wanted to put the money he left for her into something that mattered, and not just pour it into the fickle stock market.

Makes sense!

But… Oh man, we had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into. Things got scary, fast. And then they went from scary to desperate. Then from desperate to volatile. Liz wound up quitting her coaching practice to help me with the business and put her entire savings into the company–making attempt after attempt to turn the ship around–and after two years of one manufacturing disaster after another, we reached a point where we thought we were going to have to close down the business.

So there we were. Both of us had left our other lives behind. We had zero money, lots of debt, we were stressed out of our minds, and felt hopeless. How we got from that place, to a company that now brings in millions of dollars per year is a story for another time. But one thing I know for sure: It would not have happened if my business partner was not a trained life coach.

That is not why I decided to join the coach training program, however. I have decided that it’s time for me to move on from the rigorous business world and focus more on people, the planet, and being a public servant for good. I have decided to run for public office in 2020. I am a natural leader. I am a hard worker. I have been through more than most people can understand, and I have come out on top. I know what it takes to rise above adversity. And…

I forgot what it’s like to be with people.

I have spent so much time in a hunched ball of stress, that I started to feel very disconnected. How can I represent people if I can’t get out of my own head? The idea of joining the coach training program that I am so familiar with due to my close relationship with one of their leaders (Liz) seemed like exactly what I needed to reconnect with my inner leader.

I had no idea that by the third day I’d be creating a coaching practice. But all it took was ten minutes of practice coaching for me to realize… I was being a coach. I liked this! This made me feel happy! I could do this all day long! I want to help other people find their way, just how Liz helped me! I want another single mom out there who is struggling to get ideas off the ground or even trying to make ends meet to realize her power and create success in her life! I can do this.

I am doing this! Will you join me?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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